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  • Hi All.I would like to modify some of internal Qt APIs for personal needs.Now,for example,in the sources of QtQuick there are many classes which aren't exposed in the build headers like QTextEngine , and pretty all the classes under scenegraph directory.How do I access those from QtCreator if I want to modify their code?Should I include those in the regular Qt Project directly or what?

  • You will need to download a source distribution of Qt, rather then the standard pre-compiled Qt libraries for your platform. You will then find all the sources in the "src" sub-directory of Qt, e.g. "C:\Qt\4.8.6\src\gui\text\qtextengine.cpp". It should be clear that, if you modify any of those files, you will need to compile your own modified Qt libraries! Just modifying the sources without re-compiling Qt from the modified sources would do exactly nothing. Also, modifying only the Qt header files without modifying the Qt sources accordingly (plus re-compiling Qt!), will probably break your application! Furthermore, you will need to ship your modified Qt libraries along with your application, since your app will no longer be working with a "standard" Qt. Last but not least, you will be required to ship your modified sources along with the custom Qt binaries, as required by the LGPL.

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