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Qt Creator's code completion

  • When working on large projects Qt Creator's code completion stops working in some of the source files or works partially by listing the member variables/functions only of the last derived class in the inheritance hierarchy of a given instance. I've read the "detailed explanation on Qt Creator's C++ model": and that soon a clang would take place in generating the code completion. Using Qt Creator 3.1.1 included in Qt 5.3.0 release I enabled the ClangCodeModel plug-in by hoping that code completion will eventually start working correctly. No such thing. Guys working on Qt Creator - please fix the code completion. There is no point in submitting a bug since "one": has already been submitted. It is very crucial to the developer experience to have fully working code completion. Now when I have to use a function I go to Qt documentation or to to see what overloads it has and what parameters and etc. This takes significant amount of time.

    Please fix the Qt Creator's code completion with a priority.


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    Not many Qt Developers are active on the forum, they usually reside on IRC and Mailing Lists. So, your post here is likely to go unnoticed. Please, vote on the bug to raise it's priority (I've also voted myself).

  • Thanks for the advice - I've voted for the bug as well. Siezrdzio, please proxify this to the IRC and mailing lists. You will be better heard than me. Our whole team is complaining a lot about the missing code completion and we even started installing 2.x versions to see which of them would produce correct code completion.

    I think, from developers point of view, this is the most immedate bug now.

    Please see the last comment in the "Qt Creator 3.0 relase blog post":

    "Michaël says:
    December 21, 2013 at 13:09
    I have to agree with above comments regarding bugs…

    I’m using version 2.7.1 and won’t upgrade, since a lot of regressions (yes, regressions) occured since.

    Sorry but your intellisense like / code model parsing is definitely more broken than in 2.7.1. Those issues are already entered in your bug tracker and very well known.

    I love Qt and the work you are doing is truly impressive, but at some point, users just want something that works.

    As a software engineer working on a very large platform, I am quite used to regular customer complains. Basically they are asking us : “please, stop adding features, just fix your bugs!”

    Looking forward to trying more stable versions very soon, and again congrats for the job."

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    I agree with that, I myself find the quality of code completion in Qt Creator deteriorating since about 2.7 :/

    OK, I will raise the subject on the mailing list for you and for us all ;-)

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    Hi again, we've got some responses; please see the discussion "here":

  • Sierzdio, thanks a lot for all the communication you've done.

    I can't find:
    "Tools > C++ > Inspect C++ Code Model in 3.1."

    "Can you please provide concrete examples for * regressions * since 2.7?"
    ... I will provide such. I will try to isolate a case where Qt code, not standard libraty's one, is not completed at all or partially.

    Thanks a lot again. Will write to you soon.

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    [quote author="napajejenunedk0" date="1401093715"]I can’t find:
    “Tools > C++ > Inspect C++ Code Model in 3.1.”[/quote]

    I have got it (Qt Creator 3.1.1 installed from binary package for 64 bit Linux).

    [quote author="napajejenunedk0" date="1401093715"]Thanks a lot again. Will write to you soon.[/quote]

    Great, thanks.

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