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Qmlextension plugins example doesn't compile

  • says: Unknown module(s) in QT: qml
    This is with a fresh install of QT 5.3.0 (qt-opensource-linux-x64-1.6.0-2-online.run)

  • I installed QT 5.3 the same way on linux, It turns out that its not really necessary as there is a qt5 qtcreator available via the repositories (apt system).

    What I had to do was install the libqt5declarative5 package to get some of the qml stuff to work. Its worth checking the path variable of your build environment for the qt5 path and then opening a terminal and checking that path for examples/plugins. I am having problems with the qtcontainerextension plugin, and I have found that if I choose a different build environment to the desktop one then I have to copy the plugin files manually to the 'QTInstallPath/plugins/designer/' folder. QTInstallPath in our case is something along the lines of /opt/QT/5.3/gcc_64/bin/ (if you use the 64 bit gcc build).

    The other thing is that there are a whole host of libqt5 libs that you can install via the repositories and some of them (the ubuntu one for instance) remove modemmanager - so if you use a broadband dongle then be careful. I suspect that there is a way to install the needed qml declarative files via the maintenance manager, but I opened all of the options in there and couldn't find anything worth clicking.
    I haven't tried to compile that particular example myself but I figure this will help.

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