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[Close] About the forum (from Shouldn’t the "Trolls" communicate more?)

  • "Trolls".lol... I do not know how is the people at this forum. But compare with other forum I went either is for gaming , information , knowledge people they seems more friendly and helpful. They can have the patient guide me step by step until I had successfully complete.Personally I dont quite like when I post a question and I was reply with a person providing with a link to a C++ book or the QT wiki and thats it . I do hope that the community here is always friendly even I know people like me will once in a while pop a really stupid question that makes the pro go mad for such absurd sillyness. But hey , if someone take the EFFORT to download QT , take the EFFORT to sign up as member in this page. Take the EFFORT to write their problem. Take the EFFORT to wait for some good Samaritan to reply.Perhaps we all should help them more =) Peace !!!

  • One point is missing:
    take the EFFORT to actually read the documentation that was provided to you.

    And I mean this serious. All people here on Qt DevNet (and on many other forums as well) do their support in their spare time and "just for fun". Those who are asking here are not in a position to request anything but to ask for answers. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Regarding wikis etc.: people in forums are not your reading machine. And yes, you will get only pointers to wiki articles or docs sometimes. And nothing is wrong with this - go ahead, read the docs and come back if you have further questions. Wiki articles are meant for exactly this purpose - to collect the wisdom of the many and to save the time and work to write it again and again in some forum article.

    And one last point:
    Choose your forum carefully. You will definitely annoy people if you just put your comment on something completely unrelated. That's why I split off your comment to a separate thread.

    Something you should read to understand some of the statements:

  • Okay..Understand

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    tanclanship: This forum is kind of in a difficult position from my point of view. From a users point of view this is a support medium. Fine, I do understand this.

    But the Trolls that hang out here are to a huge percentage not support personal -- actually I am not personally aware of any Troll I saw here working in the support team, but I guess some will:-). We are engineers working on some part of Qt or the surrounding tools, hanging out here in our spare time. We are not payed to support people here (or anywhere else), and do so anyway because we are passionate about what we work on and do find it valuable to get direct feedback from our users. And because we do find some challenging problems here that are interesting to look into. And for the fun of it, too. And to represent our departments and Nokia... and lots of other personal reasons.

    I do understand your position, but please also understand the Trolls:-)

    PS: This is of course no excuse for someone being impolite! People should not be impolite or discriminating (here or anywhere else;-) -- independent of whether that person is a Troll or not.

  • Lol..Alright. I understand =)

  • [quote author="tanclanship" date="1299498546"]Lol..Alright. I understand =)[/quote]

    I don't know what's so funny with Tobias' comment that one has to "Lough out Lodly"? Am I missing a hidden joke?

  • no hidden meaning

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