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Only full screen widgets and windows without borders on Raspberry Pi

  • Hello developers and engineers,

    i am new to Linux and Qt and I successfully managed to be able to compile Qt apps for Raspberry Pi using this "guide": and a little help from several sources.

    To do so I Installed VirtualBox 4.3.10 on my Win7 Main system. I am using Ubuntu 14.04. and QT Creator 3.0.1. with QT 5.0.0 on it.

    My first problem not being able to use touchscreen could be solved by using:
    -plugin EvdevTouch:/dev/input/eventx as argument while x is the number of the correct event.

    my problem is: all widgets and windows are without any border and always scale to the max screensize. On the first window i can use touch functions and keyboard inputs without problems but as soon as i open a new window it lays over the main window and i lose all (keyboard, mouse, touch) input control. Even the dropdown menu of QMenuBar scales to max after opening it.

    All this is happens using command shell and/or X11.

    Also all inputs are going through to the background. This makes possible to type in f.e. "sudo halt" into a text editor and the system will shut down...

    question: does anybody have an idea to get borders and or focus/control on the top window?

    Thanks in advance and hopefully waiting for a miracle

  • Not supporting multiple top-level widgets is a limitation of 5.0.0. Upgrading to 5.3 (or at least 5.2.1) should solve that. Popups, dropdowns and such will function properly in recent versions.

    As for the window borders, those are not there since there is no window manager to provide the decorations. This is expected and normal.

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