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Index for QTreeview from Root

  • Hi All,

    I am using a Qtreeview and I need to obtain the index based on the root node and not based on the parent

    --- Node 1
    --- Node 2
    --- Node 3
    --- --- Node 31
    --- --- Node 32
    --- Node 4
    --- Node 5
    --- --- Node 51
    --- --- Node 52

    Now when I click Node 31 or Node 32, I am getting it as 0/1 respectively. Instead can i get it as 3 & 4 when counted fromthe top Node (zero based index)


  • I have also thought about things like that, because I am also working with QTreeView's.

    But wouldn't your proposal lead to very strange behaviour? If a new item "Node 33" would be added as child of "Node 3", then all the indices of later nodes would be shifted - although they have nothing to do with the new node (just because they come later).

    Therefore I guess it is a good behaviour to use indices with respect to the parent items.


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