[PySide] Use QProcess or QThread in this case ?

  • Hello there.

    I’m new to python’s world (I’m a PHP dev) and I’m trying to make my first GUI application. It’s a very trivial app: The user selects a directory, the app analyzes it, selects all mp3 in it, and then change these files' tempo with PySox. My question is simple: How should I proceed so as not to make the UI freeze in the process?

    I tried QThread but it did not work. The UI froze too, and I thought I was doing it wrong but then I read "this answer on StackOverflow":http://stackoverflow.com/a/11265981/3524372 and I thought maybe it was inherent to Python. Consequently, I decided to use QProcess (and now I have some issues with queuing and pools).

    What should I use in this pecular case according to you? QThread (or python threading)? QProcess (or python multiprocessing)?

    Thank you in advance.

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