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[Moved] Norton Antivirus Detects Suspicious Activity on QMAKE.exe and deletes it.!!!!

  • ! Detects Virus on QT)!
    Recently I installed QTSDK 1.1 Beta and I was testing my project on it.
    I found that there is no Qmake.exe , then I started to reinstall the program .
    I found my new Norton 2011 , SONAR protection , detects suspocious behavior on Qmake.exe or even Compiled project by it.

    The problem is not only the Qmake.exe , the whole projects compiled with it will have the same issue with Norton , so I guess , the whole users of your project will be in trouble.

  • STILL NO ONE around had same or similar issue ????

    At least , at Support should respond ... I donot know what else to do , it is better to forget new QT SDK beta , cause compiled project fails...

    I am new to QT , but as long time C++ programmer , it is not difficult library but need to know how is the support to decide move all projects to it or not....
    At least , for Iphone , we cannot use AppStore. so , We have to forget it for MAC... so what about other OSes

  • It is a false positive. There is nothing that the Trolls can do about this; it's bad coincidence that the libs contain a byte sequence that matches a virus signature. Just tell your AV software to accept the SDK.

    Also, please be aware that Qt DevNet is populated by volunteers, this is not an official support channel of Trolltech/Nokia.

  • Thank you very much.... I know about Signature in bits , but the signature , somehow shows illegal or harmful behavior.
    I think that QT development center should not forget this , because all compiled programs will not work if the end-client is using NORTON or some other programs.
    By the ways , thanks for reply.

  • So, did you file a bugreport against both Norton and Qt? Posting here on the forum is not the same as reporting an issue, as, as Volker told you, this is not an official support channel.

  • @Andre
    Not yet... but you are right , I better to open a bugreport in both channels . Thanks

  • Already Reported as a bug :
    Key: QTBUG-18035

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