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Weird debug errors

  • I'm not sure where to put this as I don't know if it's an issue with my installation or what.

    Lately I've been having some issues with Qt Creator building. It's been throwing some weird error messages and I've reinstalled it a few times now and still acting weird. So I'm working on a program that I decided to split up in a few different projects and one is called edupdater which is the only one not wanting to run under the debugger (GDB).

    [code]Starting C:\Users\Jordan\build-eupdater-Desktop-Debug\debug\eupdater.exe...
    Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong?
    C:\Users\Jordan\build-eupdater-Desktop-Debug\debug\eupdater.exe exited with code -1[/code]

    I tend to build the project right after creating it to make sure the ide and everything are working fine and try to vision what I want. Even weirder it's setting admin permissions (meaning running the debug built executable wants admin rights unlike other project builds) that I cannot change by right clicking properties and compatibility. I had Qt Creator set to run as admin, but changed that on a more recent reinstall so now it uses standard permissions.

    Another issue I'm seeing is that when I create a different project with the default name untitled it runs just fine, but I get a memory related error.

    [code]Starting C:\Users\Jordan\build-untitled-Desktop-Debug\debug\untitled.exe...
    M:HardHook: Asked to replace 76D9F882 with 5C1AC710
    M:HardHook: Asked to replace 76D9F945 with 5C1AC5B0[/code]

    Qt editions:

    Qt Creator 3.1.1 for Windows

    Qt 4.8.6 Libraries for MinGW 4.8.2

    MinGW 4.8.2 for posix dwarf that it recommends

    Also I built Qt debug libraries as open source. All on Windows 8 (not 8.1). Recently did a clean install of Windows 8 from a previous install of Windows 7.

    Edit: Mislabeled it as building issues when it's debug issues.

  • Resolved. Appeared to be an issue with MinGW. Some reason MinGW has been causing some weird errors as of late (using the official mingw would throw an error saying Disk not found when compiling some things) so I switched to VS2010 compiler and so far have not had any issues.

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