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Ovi Store do not accept Qt Quick developed applications

  • This is what I read in this site, about the new 1.1 Qt Sdk Beta. It sound me a little strange, because in most cases the new Qt has changes that don't seems to affect the code of the applications, but only the environment. As a matter of fact the compiler and the engines are not so changed. But it is not so important.

    Developing a new app (or importing an existing one) in the new environment, is best, so is possible to "downgrade" the finished and tested app (that use Qt Quick / QML for the UI) to the previeous 1.0 SDK / Qt 4.7, recompile and distribute through the Ovi market?

  • To my experience Nokia phones automatically update their firmware. At least my phone asked me about Symbian^3 PR1.1 when it became available. Therefore you can start developing targeting Symbian^3 PR2.0, which is expected to be released within a few months (Mai?=). Secondly there is a feature called "smart installer", which allows you to ship needed dependencies with your app. Smart installer based Qt 4.7 support was said to be available on OVI in Q1?

  • Now you can!

  • Thank you, AlterX

    I had... in these days :)

    Take a look to

    Thanks. Enrico

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