[SOLVED] Editable Proxy Model

  • EDIT: By comparing my model to http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2012/01/12/qt-commercial-support-weekly-10-sorting-filtering-and-advanced-manipulation-with-proxy-models-2/ I noticed I had an error in my index function which caused the the problem.


    I have been toying with custom models and custom proxy models inheriting from QAbstractItemModel and QAbstractProxyModel classes. It works but I cannot seem to get my proxy models to become editable. It does not matter whether I use standard QStandardItemModel as source or my custom model, both can be edited when set to views but when the proxy is set they cannot be.

    In my proxy class I re-implemented:


    I figured I need to re-implement functions for editing just like any QAbstractItemModel sub-class so I added:


    but it did not help and the model is still just read-only. I tried returning the Qt::ItemIsEditable directly from proxy bypassing the source model items flags but to no avail. Do I need to re-implement mapSelectionFromSource() and mapSelectionToSource() for editable proxy model? Or am I missing something else here? If it should work by re-implementing the functions I mentioned I will post my code but first I need to make sure I am not missing something obvious (and convoluting the post with lots of code would not help there).


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