Playing video and showing images with xmllistmodel and listview

  • It's possible to show both in one listview? I got media information from a xml file with xmllistmodel. If it's only image it's ok. But with both I got a blank area in the video space.

    My code:
    @Item {
    width: 1366
    height: 768

    Component {
        id: imageDelegate
        Item {
            width: 1366 
            height: 768 
            Image { 
                id: backgroundImage
                source: imagePath 
            MediaPlayer {
                id: backgroundVideo
                source: videoPath
            VideoOutput {
                anchors.fill: parent
                source: backgroundVideo
            Component.onCompleted: {
    XmlListModel {
        id: imageModel
        source: ""       
        query: "/rss/channel/item"
        XmlRole { name: "title"; query: "title/string()" }
        XmlRole { name: "imagePath"; query: "imagePath/string()" }
        XmlRole { name: "videoPath"; query: "videoPath/string()" }
    ListView {
        id: listView
        clip: false
        anchors.fill: parent
        model: imageModel
        delegate: imageDelegate


    And it's possible to autoplay video only if the item is the current one?

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