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How to import 3rd party js lib to qml

  • Hello All!
    I found perfect for me lib: "libphonenumber": and i'd like to use it in my project, written at qt+qml to mobile platform (android, iOS, etc), how can i include this lib to my qml, and then how to use that functionality?
    Tnx 4 answers.

    ps: Qt 5.2.1

  • Nice find!

    But man that is a lot of work porting that to Qt.
    Have you seen the c++ requirements? ICU, Protobuf, Boost(on windows only) All that and making interfaces to QML...

    And the js version is a diferent beast as well. All of that goog.require...
    If you wanna go down this JS path "the README": is there for you. You're looking at ~300 kB .js file. Make sure it doesn't tie to browser environment though

    They said it is used in Android framework since ICS, is there no API from Android SDK available?

  • Tnx a lot 4 answer!
    ok, but my app will be run at mac os, etc, where Android API will not be available, and what next?
    About C++ version, i think i can't use is

    so maybe some one know other libs or some service or something other solutions?

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