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[Solved] Change tab size with QTextStream

  • Hello,

    My program write a number matrix in a QFile thanks to QTextStream. All the values are separated by a tabulation. But if a number is to big in the matrix, the following values are moved on the right side than the other lines. To avoid that, I would like to increase the size of tab when I write the file. Would anyone know how to do that?

  • Hi,
    That is for the reader to work out. The tab will be translated to a \t character. The viewer should then be set to select the tab space.

  • Thank you for your reply!
    I'm not sure to understand: how could I set the viewer to select the tab space?

  • Which viewer do you use??? Notepad? Notepad++? Or is it the QTextBrowser?
    For the QTextBrowser (QTextEdit inherrited) use the setTabStopWidth()

  • I use Notepad++. I know about the setTabStopWidth(), but I can't use it in this case, I think..

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