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Qt could not find windows.dll

  • Hello!

    It's the first time I got this error while trying to run a program in release mode(from Qt Creator). If I take the .exe file and put it in a folder among all the necessary .dll it works.
    I searched the error on Google but I could not find anything linked to this error when running from Qt Creator. All the errors were after deploying the .exe file.

    How can i solve it?

  • "windows" or "qwindows"? The latter one you have to deploy, it needs to be in platforms/qwindows.dll . The first one I don't know.

  • The message is the following : "The application failed to start beaucase it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin windows. Available platform plugins are: minima, offscreen".

  • Hmm, perhaps your qwindows.dll is missing? As thEClaw says, check in your plugins\platforms directory (for example: C:\Qt\5.2.1\msvc2012\plugins\platforms) what DLLs you have there.

  • And you have not yet tried to put the correct dll to platforms/qwindows.dll ? That is going to solve your problem, I think.

  • I already have the qwindows,dll placed into platforms folder.

  • Ok, maybe something is preventing qwindows.dll from loading?

    Check that you build for Release mode. You can turn on tracing of plugin loading, in QtCreator switch to the Projects mode, go down to Build Environment click details and add QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS set the value to 1.
    Start your app in QtCtreator and check Application Output.

    Also a good idea, try building a new empty Qt Widgets app, see if it runs.

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