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Record audio signal as array

  • hi i have a mic that gives me signal sample by sample(single integers come as stream)

    so i need to save them in array so then after some seconds it will become one wave signal ofcourse .

    So i will work on that frame of signal but i have problem that look at the code please:

    static int ps_array2[]={};

    (if i declare as int without static it just gives no stream.)


    (seq2 is timer so i will cut the array signal by rising edge and falling edge. rising edge and falling edges are times.)

                         for(int kaka1=ps_entry_time[1];kaka1<=ps_exit_time[1];kaka1++){
                         qDebug() << "Message from: " << ps_array2[kaka1];

    (here for shows me cropped result as message that really works. )

    So the problem is when i build it sometimes works but sometimes gives nothing or crush and stopped working even i didnt change anything. So i should do force close.

    I am new at QT but i should work. may be something is different in QT structure.

    Please give me some advice.

  • cannot record more than 1300 length of array signal?

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