Performance rendering performance in QML SequentialAnimation

  • Hi,
    I developpe a large QML based application, displaied on 11 full HD screens. To do so we split into several inbstance of QMLApplicationviewer (QDeclarativeView)

    I notice the sequential animation are ressource consuming and lower the respons of touch interaction.
    I suppose there are some timers or some loop computation for those animation. I was wondering how can I make them less "nice looking" but less time consuming (compute only 1 position among 2 or something like this)

    Where in Qt can I found this code ?

    Here after is an example of the sequential animations we are using.
    @ SequentialAnimation {
    id: iPlotterAnimation
    running: false
    NumberAnimation { target: needle; property: "x"; to: __mtargetNeedleX; duration: 400 }
    NumberAnimation { target: needle; property: "rotation"; to:__activechannel==1?360:(__activechannel-1)*60; duration: 300; }
    NumberAnimation { target: needle; property: "y"; to: 102; duration: 100 }
    NumberAnimation { target: needle; property: "y"; to: 93; duration: 100 }

  • Hi,
    I looked into it but I could not really figure out how the animations are managed.

    Maybe anohter strategy would be to aim ata lower level in QT.

    Is there a way to set the maximum rendering frame rate? Which reduce the computation ressource?

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