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[solved]Multiple interfaces ..

  • Hey,

    Suppose I have a toolbar with lets say option one which is the main page , and option 2 which is settings , when I click on main page it brings the main page " on the main widget which is qmainwindow " and when I click on setting it shows the settings , I don't want it to pop up another widget , I want it to show it on the same widget.

    for example internet explore's internet settings, there's multiple options like connection and settings, when you click on settings it shows the settings on the same widget without another widget popping op.

    The solution that I found it qstackedwidgets , but I want to work on ui not codding all of it since it's easier + you can see the result without debugging.

    what's the best way to do this ? I thought of letting the ui objects public and add then to the qstackwidgets but not sure if it'll work + it's not the best practice , and I can't use signals and slots since I need to show the widget.

  • Oh sorry for bothering you guys :(

    Solution: there's a qstackedwidgets in the ui design , you can add all you want in each qstackedwidgets and hide and show it whenever you want.

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