Streaming live IP video using RTSP

  • Hi All,

    First post ever to the forum.

    Sort of new to Qt so bare with me.

    If this is already covered somewhere please just point me to the relevant info and I apologize up front for the inquiry -- though I have searched quite a bit for info on this.

    I need to embed a window into our Windows based application that will stream a live Video feed from an IP-based Video camera out there in web-land. Our appl is Qt and C# based.

    Can anyone point me to relevant examples of what the appropriate Qt widget(s) is/are to use to display the video feed -- and -- steps required to acquire the feed from the camera?

    This is obviously something that has been done time and time again so I would rather not spend cycles trying to reinvent this.

    I realize this is quite an open ended question but any help/references will be kindly appreciated!

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