Installing FastCgiQt

  • I'm trying to install FastCgiQt but i ran into some problems.

    I downloaded the source tree from: and copied the "lib" and "include" directory to "C:\Qt\2010.05\qt".
    In my project I have included the nescessary header files and the editor detects them correctly.

    But when I compile a bunch of linking errors show up, stating that the functions in the FastCgiQt header files are not implemented:

    @C:\Qt\2010.05\webtest2-build-desktop/debug/main.o:: In function Z5qMainiPPc': C:\Qt\2010.05\webtest2-build-desktop/../webtest2/main.cpp:11: error: undefined reference toFastCgiQt::Manager::Manager(QObject*)'
    C:\Qt\2010.05\webtest2-build-desktop/../webtest2/main.cpp:23: error: undefined reference to FastCgiQt::Manager::~Manager()' C:\Qt\2010.05\webtest2-build-desktop/../webtest2/main.cpp:23: error: undefined reference toFastCgiQt::Manager::~Manager()'
    :: error: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status@

    Do i have to add some additional references to some kind of makefile or the .pro file?

  • Did you build the FastCgiQt library?
    Did you specify in the .pro file of your application the name and location of the FastCgiQt library?
    The error message suggests, that the linker has a problem. The compiler is doing ok.

  • How do i specify the FastCgiQt library in the .pro file?

    I know it's a linker problem, but can't I just include the sources in the Qt directory and compile them on the fly. My question is: Why doesn't Qt know that the .cpp implementation of the .h file in the include folder is located in \qt\lib?

  • add in .pro:
    LIBS += -L /path/to/lib -lFastCgiQt

  • Thanks! Will try this as soon as possible :)

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