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[Qt 5.2] Improving QWebView performance with large amount of data?

  • I am using QWebView to display a large amount of, continuously growing data. Using QWebElement::appendInside to add more data to the page as needed.Nothing fancy to the HTML, no javascript or images just some basic CSS. I have disabled javscript using QWebSettings. About 600k lines would be the be highest possible total, although generally its only at 50k.

    I could be adding up to 100 lines every 200 msec. I batch the HTML I want to add to the page together in a single QString before calling QWebElement::appendInside, but it's still slow. Even after I stop updating the page, when I have a large amount of data in it lags to scroll through it or atleast maxes out the thread.

    I'm not particularly tied to using WebKit if someone can suggest a totally different but faster way of displaying the data.

    @const int numRecords = _RecordsQueue.size() - 1;

    QWebElement element = ui.LogText->page()->mainFrame()->documentElement().findFirst("body");
    QString html;
    html.reserve(325 * (numRecords + 1));
    for(int i=0; i<=numRecords; i++)
    const QString msg = _ToString->ToString(, _CurrentEncounterID);
    if (!msg.isEmpty())
    html.append("<p>" % msg % "<p>");

    if (!html.isEmpty())

    if (!_ScrollTimer->isActive())

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