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High-speed QSerialPort?

  • Has anyone attempted to use QSerialPort to talk to a high-speed serial port device. For example, FTDI makes USB-serial interface chips that can run at 1 megabaud. Does the internal buffering have the ability to suck in data that fast without choking?

    What I'm running into on a Mac is the keyboard and mouse locking up hard requiring a force reboot if I set a breakpoint in the code or call usleep and this is with the most basic code to just read in some data. Full disclosure: I had to do what FTDI calls baud rate aliasing to repurpose the 300 baud setting for 1000000. This works fine with plain old non-Qt POSIX code.

  • I don't know about QSerialPort.
    But when application stops on breakpoint or sleeps the Qt events are not processed and application may hung if something requires permanent attention and processing.

  • Never mind. There's a driver problem. I discovered that if I set a breakpoint in plain old non-Qt code, the Mac will eventually lock up. :-(

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