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How to use finished qt program on separate computer without installing Qt on both computers?

  • So, I am trying to send my finished program to someone (over Skype), and every time I try to click on the .exe file in the debug folder, it says: Missing qt5cored.dll file reinstall Qt to fix. Well. Something like that. I am not looking at it right now, because I have been trying to fix it for 3 hours and I don't even want to look at it after all the stress. Anyway, I have tried moving the files into the folder:

    And a couple files starting with 'i'. (Like I said, I don't even want to look at it to check, I will edit in the morning). After that, it came up with a huge thing, I couldn't even read it. I would REALLY appreciate some help. Thank you for anything.


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    Here’s a reasonably quick and almost-foolproof way to identify the DLLs you need:

    Follow the instructions to set it up correctly on your own PC before you send the files through Skype.

    Also, you should send a Release build, not a Debug build. The Release build files are much smaller, and the code is optimized.

  • Okay thanks for the help.

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