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How to communicate through a SOCKS5-proxy with UDP?

  • I need to get a communication with UDP through a SOCKS5 proxy like a UDP-client.
    For that I use a QUdpSocket-object after the appropriate settings of the application proxy.
    There are no problems for TCP-connection or the UDP-connection without the proxy-settings.
    It should play a kind of ping-pong with udp-datagrams.
    But with the wireshark can be seen that the only tcp-connection to the socks5-proxy will be established.
    But after it there is no any activity:

    • initially my application should send 1st udp-packet
    • but after the write(..)-call nothing was sent from the application

    Can somebody help me or give me some reference?

  • How have you configured QNetworkProxy?

  • Thanks for reply.

    The SOCKS-proxy is without authorisation
    QNetworkProxy proxy;

  • ... :(

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