[SOLVED] objectName() == ""

  • It came up in another discussion, but I thought it best to make into a new item.

    Which widgets have no name? I know that I always give proper names to widgets on the form so where do these come from?

  • Widgets that are created from code by default have no name. Widgets that are created from .ui files by default do have a name (a name is autogenerated for every widget you add to the form).

  • I thought that the names came only from the ui-file, not from the cpp code. It seems I was wrong about that.

  • A .ui file is also compiled into cpp code, so that doesn't make sense. QObject has a method setObjectName. In pre-Qt 4 versions, the object name was even a constructor argument.

  • In the constructor code from the ui file the automatic code includes setting the ObjectName!

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