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Qt and the cloud ??

  • Hello,

    I attended an event today that talks about cloud computing, use and handling side / development for the cloud.

    One speaker talked about Microsoft Azure and the space reserved t the cloud development on visual studio 2010.

    And as I became a qt addected :), I asked myself can i do this with qt ( developing qt applications for the cloud computing)?

    Briefly, I wonder if qt implements the cloud computing development, and how can i do that?

    if not, is there a project that addresses this gap in our beloved qt?


  • You talk about the cloud as it is something magical or new, or as if it is a single technology. It is not. Not really, anyway.

    Qt gives you all the basic components you need: a decent set of networking components, and third party components available for things like JSON and SOAP. What more do you think you need? Any gabs left?

    In my opinion, "the cloud" is a marketing term, not the name of an actual technology. Qt doesn't deal with marketing concepts, only with things that actually require engineering.

  • While the term "Cloud Computing" might be slightly overused in marketing context, I think the question is a very valid one.

    saidiahd, are things a bit more clear to you now?

  • yes it's clear , thank you Alexandra :)
    thank you Andre

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