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Modify phonon sound volume :

  • Hi,
    I am developping on QT4.8.4, qtQquick 1.1, and I devellopped a sound player plugin.
    I need to be abble to modify the sound volume dynamically, but I cannot found any working solution.

    I am using Phonon mediaplayer object like in the example below

    @ qreal lVolume=aVolume;
    if (lVolume<0) lVolume=0.0;
    if (lVolume>1.0) lVolume=1.0;

    Phonon::MediaObject * lMediaPLayer=globalPhononSoundLists.value(lstmp);
    ////To DO : Modify sound Volume
    qDebug()<< "SdcnSoundMediaPlayer::setVolumeSoundEffect: Not functionnal Yet :"<<lVolume;@

    Is there a solution to do so?

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