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How to enable multi-touch in QML ?

  • How to enable multi touch in QML ? I have 2 buttons, and i simply want to push them at the same time.

  • I will precise my question - i have two MouseArea regions, and i want to handle them parralely, at the same time. So i want to use one this region with left hand, and other by right hand by the same time using multitouch screen. How to do that ?

  • I don't think you can do that as of Qt 5.3, only a MultiPointTouchArea supports multi touch as far as I know.. :/

  • Eh, but MultiPointTouchArea dont work with mouse. Any other possibility ? Writing custom object in C++ ?

  • Wait what mouse, how can you have a multi touch/click with your mouse? You only have one mouse cursor!? I have not seen any system where you can have more than one mouse cursor at the same time :D
    That said I don't know what you want to archive, but yeah you can use raw mouse or touch events and do your own c++ class of course.

  • I have system, portable computer, with mouse and touch screen. And i want both to work simultanouesly. In addition, i want to same code without modifications work on tablet with linux (not android) with multitouch screen.

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