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Qt Quick Getting Started Text Editor Error - Please Delete

  • I think this belongs in the bugtracker but I can't seem to delete my own post. Will someone with that ability please delete this. Thank you.

    I'm just working my way through the getting started on QT Quick area, "specifically the text editor tutorial":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/gettingstartedqml.html. Early on it demos code for adding hover coloring
    @ MouseArea{
    onClicked: buttonClick()
    hoverEnabled: true
    onEntered: parent.border.color = onHoverColor
    onExited: parent.border.color = borderColor

    This appears to be wrong, since the onHoverColor and borderColor properties are created under the parent Rectangle the only way I can get this to work is to change the code to parent.onHoverColor. I can't add a note to the tutorial, but since this is such a basic tutorial it would be nice if someone fixed it.

    The same error applies to the code for the onClicked property it should be
    @onClicked: parent.buttonClick()@

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