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PathView with gesture [QML]

  • Hello

    I'm working with QtQuick 2.2, and I have a problem. I want to program a PathView that receive touch events:

    swipe left/right: the pathview scroll in this direction
    swipe down: the pathview is hidden
    swipe up: the pathview is showed

    With the pathview swipe left/right works correctly. How can i program swipe up and down?

    I tried with MouseArea inside PathView, and properties accepted and propagateComposedEvents, but with this I can propagate press and release events, but then MouseArea can't process it. I would like propagate press and release events, and process it in the MouseArea and PathView

    Any solution?


  • Hi,
    Can you send some code please else won't be easy to help you. Thanks

  • you should use gesturearea instead of mousearea and use onswipe

  • @SherifOmran +1 for quickest answer ever

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