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[Solved]Wouldn't be able to set breakpoint (or) update Gui after adding c libraries

  • Hi there,

    I have created GUI with Qt Creator 5.2.1, I used Qt C++ to create the Gui and what has to happen when I press the button and so on, at that point of time I could be able to set breakpoint and debug the code.

    Now some of the background work was done in C language by someone else, I added all the header files and c files to the qt Source Code. it compiles OK but I couldn't be able to set the break point and can't debug the code, also if I include any line Edit or Label on GUI after compilation those doesn't show up on window, when I press the button nothing happens(for example made it like when I press the button it has to show some thing on the line Edit).

    Could some one help me, how I could overcome this problem (how can I Debug & how to update the Gui) after adding C code to my Qt Code?

    I am running this on Ubuntu ARM Plantform (like Linux).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I cracked it myself anyway.

    I am not sure what exactly happend, I deleted the system generated file when debug (file name : Qt_PATH_System_Debug) and re compiled in debug mode it works all fine

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