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Html object tag doesn't work on windows 8 with QWebPluginFactory

  • I am using the <object> tag using Qt to activate some plugin and it works fine except on windows8.

    <object id="ash3dviewer" type="application/x-ash-viewer3d" data="..." width="800px" height="800px">
    Your browser does not support plugins

    class PluginsFactory : public QWebPluginFactory {
    PluginsFactory(QObject* parent);

    virtual QObject* create(
        const QString& mimeType, 
        const QUrl& url, 
        const QStringList& argumentNames, 
        const QStringList& argumentValues) const override;
    virtual QList<Plugin> plugins() const override;


    QWebSettings::globalSettings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);

    On windows 7 all three methods are called (constructor, plugins, and create) but on windows 8 the create method is never called so my plugin doesn't have a chance to handle the mime type "application/x-ash-viewer3d" properly!

    So the <object> tag fails to work and I get "Your browser does not support plugins" on windows8.

    It's as if the QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled was disabled "hard" on windows8...

    Any hint ?

    Note: this is with Qt 4.8.5 (I cannot update to a more recent version unfortunately...)

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