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Mac OS Qt Creator 3.0 and 3.1 have very buggy text editing

  • I've tried both versions and some very basic things are not working. I cannot use the keyboard to Shift select text in the editor by holding down shift and using keyboard arrow keys as you can do in any other text area in Mac OS or on Windows. Additionally, if I use the mouse to highlight text, normally anything you type while the text is highlighted will replace the highlighted text. This also works elsewhere in Mac OS as well as on the Windows version of Qt Creator, but on Mac's Qt Creator, the highlighting simply goes away and the new text you type is appended or inserted into the highlighted text. Very odd behavior.

    Am I missing some seemingly obvious setting or config to get Qt Creator on Mac to actually work as a functioning text editor?

  • The solution, I have discovered, is to turn off FakeVim mode on Mac version of Qt Creator if you want similar behavior as you get anywhere else on the Mac (or Windows), including in other IDEs.

  • If you enable FakeVim, you ask for and get vim-like behaviour. It's to be expected that Shift-Right does not select anything in this case.

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