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How can I build 64 bit app on a 32 bit system (Using VS2008 IDE)

  • There have two topics about cross-arch build. One is "How can I build 64 bit Qt on a 32 bit system ?", the other is "How can I detect in the .pro file if I am compiling for a 32 bit or a 64 bit platform?"

    But How can I use VS IDE to build 32bit/64bit app? Change the "Configuration Manager " , When build 32bit app, use "Win32" tag, build 64bit app, use "x64" tag.

    Currently, I build QT 64bit Lib on X64 platform, and copy these Lib on :C:/QT/Qt64bit/bin , 32bit Lib: C:/QT/QtVersion/bit

    Whether I only build the app src use "Win32" and "x64", and copy the right QT arch Lib?

  • The quesetion resolved, huhu...

    But the VS Add-in has warning, It's so ugly.

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