Qt5 Qt Creator How to add Custom Widget class metadata to the Designer properties editor?

  • Hello, I have succesfully compiled Qt Creator with MinGW and then converted QScintillaplugin ifdefs to mingw type and compiled it and installed compiled dll both the library to ctcreator/bin and the plugin to sdk/plugins/designer/ and the Qscintilla textedit becomes valid widget option at Input Widgets. How ever major dillemmas. While looking QTextEdit widget it has solid white background and separate QTextEdit metadatas availble for editing in designer. The QScintillaplugin does not provide these metadata options for the class and so on. Now the real question:

    How to write code that enables QSctintilla2.dll options to the Designer plugin?

    Little bit more info, I was able to create plugin from Qt Creator and matched it to MSVC version and saw that defines had _ on the MSVC build and those removed on GCC version. So I made exact same plugin that the msvc version and it runs fine. How ever there were qscintilla.pri which included new files called qscintilla.h and qsctintilla.cpp. Is here needed the code that makes Qscintilla be avaible in the metadata editor?

    Could some one post a little example how to add Qscintilla white background to the widget and maybe some options that are avaible with QScintilla?

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