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Idea i just got for QtCreator: Record voice while programming.

  • I just want to expose it, so if someone else sees as a good idea, we can start a plugin/platform for it.

    Maybe it can be considered an overkill... i dont talk about stopping writing documentation within the code... of course.

    We live in the media era, we program media, interactive interfaces, we keep reading the documentation (if someone took the time to write it)

    brief: The idea would be to be able to record the voice at the same time than record the lines than are marked by the mouse (in the file)

    The flow:
    You have a project that is going to maintenance or a piece of code that meets a requirement.

    You mark the lines you wanna talk about, and you start to talk, you can go changing the lines marked, swap to header, change to other file, keep marking and telling how everything works.

    The plugin track the marked lines, the scope/function/method/class/namespace talking about, recording it with the voice.
    At the end, it takes off the silence and put together the marks with the voice making chops of it in "chapters"

    When you open the file where you started to record, a sign(a bit bigger than the one to update the method) shows that there is a record starting there... so you can play it.

    You can start, listen and stop the reproduction, and move between chapters, QtCreator reproduce the voice and shows the scopes you are talking about.

    At the end, would be possible to have a quick guide to the code, so in some hours, the old programmer can explain you what he did and why, and why he didn't do in other way.
    As there is a hierarchy in the code (includes), it would be possible to play multiple records following the hierarchy.

    It should keep track of changes in the scopes the record talks about, and alert if it should be reviewed. To do it more proper, it should be integrated with a software change control.

    At this point... of my post, i see too much work, and dubs about if it would be useful. But who knows... i just write down this here in public so we can see if someone else likes it.

  • It would be a very interesting and original feature. Only minus is huge size of project. Probably same feature but with text messages instead of audio, would be also very helpful.

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