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Try to deploy my first program under linux.

  • I want to deploy a software under linux platforms.
    Qt5 is not supported yet in a lot of distros, so i have to put shared libraries files (.so) with the binary file.
    my question:
    in which directory can i find those shared library and should i put them in the same directory of binary file or somewhere else?
    (my OS is fedora linux)

  • Hi, I haven't tried Fedora myself but on Debian and Ubuntu I put Qt's .so files together in the same directory as the binary app file.

    Then you need to put the platform plugin file for Linux as a subdirectory and fix the chrpath for the binary app file.

    Which .so files you need and where to find them? Qt has "some documentation":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/linux-deployment.html
    Also I've written a "a blog post about Qt deployment":http://www.tripleboot.org/?p=138 (look for the Linux/GCC part).

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