[Qt VS Addin] How to force addin to refresh Custom Build Tool settings

  • Hey,

    I am using the Qt VS addin. When adding a *.ui file to the project the addin modifies the files properties. These can be watched when right-click on that file in the solution explorer. The addin adds the command e.g. like

    "$(QTDIR)\bin\uic.exe" -o ".\GeneratedFiles\myFile.h" ".\Forms\myFile.ui" ...

    which is fine. But I had to reorder some files in my project and afterwards many files compilation failed but some succeeded. So I took a file which failed to compile, removed it from the project and added it again. Afterwards it compiled fine. I compared the command line before and afterwards and they differed. The "new" command line looks generic.

    So my question is: is there any way to force the plugin to update the command line of all files in my project? The trick with removing and adding work for all files but doing this by hand is ....weird ;)


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