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Cannot find QGraphicsGeoMap class in Qt5

  • Hi All,

    in order to provide an application with a mapping service (I need to show the terrain map given the latitude and longitude), I have tried the following code:

    QStringList services = QGeoServiceProvider::availableServiceProviders();
    QGeoServiceProvider service("nokia");
    QGeoMappingManager *manager = service.mappingManager();
    QGraphicsGeoMap *geoMap = new QGraphicsGeoMap(manager);
    geoMap->setCenter(QGeoCoordinate(52.75, -2.75));

    which is supposed to be working with Qt 4 extended with the "Mobility" module.

    I was able to successfully instantiate QGeoServiceProvider and QGeoMappingManager classes on Qt5 by adding "location" and "positioning" modules. QGraphicsGeoMap though seems not to be existent any longer on Qt5.2 or maybe replaced or located somewhere else.

    I really hope that somebody has already come across this kind of issue.

    Thank you in advance

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