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How to get QListWidget with focus ?

  • Hi,

    The application that I am developing is based on a tabbed collection of pages. All tab pages are instances of a single widget. In such a widget there are 2 list widgets.

    The problem is that when I select between pages the selection within these list widgets are retained, along with the highlighted items (that is the last selection that was done). How can I get which list widget out of the two has a selected (highligted) item ?

  • Hi,

    This what you mean?

    @QList<QListWidgetItem *> QListWidget::selectedItems() const@

  • No, there are two list widgets on a tab page. When page is selected, one of the list widgets has a highlighted item. User's think that this highlighted item is what has focus, but it is not so (QApplication::focusWidget() does not return either of the 2 list widgets as having focus).

    How do I know which of the 2 list items on the selected page has a highlighted item ? Both return their selected items. Yet only one has a highlighted item.

  • and what if your combine?

    bool QListWidget::hasFocus() const
    QList<QListWidgetItem *> QListWidget::selectedItems() const

  • Maybe you should check focus against QListWidget viewport widget.

  • ah, thought that you're about QListWidget focus check :)

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