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QString split with QRegExp

  • Hi,

    Im trying to get the parameters of a C function by using QString split method with QRegExp.
    The string contains the text between the function parentheses so I need to extract the parameters that are separated by commas.
    I tried the following (tested with


    Test string:
    @1, foo(1,2), 3@

    Which give me the correct result.
    Now, with Qt:

    QString testStr = "1, foo(1,2), 3";
    QStringList arguments = testStr.split(QRegExp("([^,]+\(.+\))|([^,]+)"));
    qDebug() << "TEST STRING" << testStr << "ARGS" << arguments << "count =" << arguments.count();

    And this is what I get:
    @TEST STRING "1, foo(1,2), 3" ARGS ("", ",", ",", "") count = 4@

    Am I missing something?

  • Hi, if you have access to Qt 5 you should try QRegularExpression instead of QRegExp, the new class QRegularExpression is more standard compliant to perl regex syntax and might fix your problem.
    I didn't check your regex yet, but if you say it works with other regex tools it might be worth a try.

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