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QSQLITE driver not loaded

  • I am making an application in VS 2008 using Qt plugin.
    I am able to run the app successfully in VS . But after making package I am getting QSQLITE error. I have added qsqlite.dll with the package also.
    But I am not able to run the app. Due to database error. How to solve that??

    Edit: Moved to Installation & Deployment, as that seems to be the main issue; Andre

  • Where did you put that .dll file?

  • I have used the code

    QStringList str;
    str <<".";
    qDebug()<<"my library path : "<<a.libraryPaths();

    SO I have created a Debug/plugins/ path & inserted all the files. BUt It did not work.

    Does this problem is related to static or shared libraries ??

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  • Does it work if you create a directory called "sqldrivers" in the directory where you have your executable, and put the .dll file in that directory?

  • Yes I have tried all shots of procedures I can do : tried adding the drivers all where but still not working.

  • Relative paths are evil - you never know what the working directory is. Use

    a.addLibraryPath(QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() + "/Debug/plugins/")

    And make sure the driver is in ./Debug/plugins/sqldrivers

  • I found it more reliable to simply add the C source file of SQLITE to my projects. No more deployment hazzle, no more dll hell, no more precedence trouble if a second sqlite.dll is on the target system. SQLITE offers the amalgam file = one file which contains the complete database source. Try to use this.

  • If you build the plugin against the builtin version of SQLite it uses the amalgam version. There is no need to distribute sqlite.dll, but you do need to distribute libqsqlite.dll!

  • Thanks @Volker it solved my problem

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