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Importing project with hierarchical structure

  • Hi everybody,
    I have a question about creating project of hierarchical structure.
    There is a project with the following structure.

    ! level hierarchical project)!

    I have created project by importing existing project in qtcreator.
    The problem is in that autocompletion and finding symbol under cursor work only in the scope of second level project (i.e. project_i_j). One second level project can include headers from other second level project.

    What configurations can be done to make autocompletion and finding symbol under the cursor work in the scope of hier_project folder?


  • To make other project visible you need to provide the include paths, which will contain the includes from all projects.
    Add the paths one per line into hier_project.include

    The paths can be relative too.

  • The includes are generated automatically when importing the project.
    Actually some class from project_2 are visible in project_1, but some others not.

    I think the problem is in forward declarations which is higher prioritized by qtcreator.

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