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[SOLVED] QString to const char *

  • my code is like this :

    QLineEdit textbox;
    const char * mytext= textBox.text().toUtf8().constData();

    QString mystring = QString::fromUtf8(mytext);

    now mystring just equals "Q" .

    Should it not be "QWERTY" ?

    What am I doing wrong ?

  • More to the point , I am using a 3rd party function that takes const char * as argument .

    I only have the function interface not the implementation .

    When I try to get a QString from the QLineEdit and convert it to const char * and feed it to the 3rd party function , the function fails to give proper output .
    When I just feed the equivalent string literal to the function , the function gives correct output .

    So something is wrong with the .toUtf8().constData() conversion from QString to const char * .
    I think .

  • I think this code of your's is flawed:
    @const char * mytext = textBox.text().toUtf8().constData();@

    The toUtf8() function returns a QByteArray object containing the UTF8-converted string. And constData() returns a pointer to that QByteArray's internal buffer. But you don't keep the QByteArray object anywhere! So the temporary QByteArray is destroyed instantly - thus your pointer is dangling!

    Try instead one of those:
    @// --- Method #1 ---
    const QByteArray byteArray = mytext = textBox.text().toUtf8();
    const char *mytext = byteArray.constData();

    // --- Method #2 ---
    const char *mytext = strdup(textBox.text().toUtf8().constData());@

    Don't forget free(mytest), if you use method #2 ;-)


    From the docs:
    [quote]const char * QByteArray::constData () const
    Returns a pointer to the data stored in the byte array. The pointer can be used to access the bytes that compose the array. The data is '\0'-terminated unless the QByteArray object was created from raw data. The pointer remains valid as long as the byte array isn't reallocated or destroyed.[/quote]

  • Thank you for explaining that . I tried your method 1 and it works .

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