[SOLVED] Problem with QMessageBox

  • I would like to create a QMessageBox::critical which would automatically adapt its size depending on the size of the content (the message text). I tried but I have some problems...

    This is the message I would like to display on the QMessageBox

    @ std::wstring tmpStrEx;
    QDomNode tmpNodeParent = noderemoved;

    while(!tmpNodeParent.isNull() && tmpNodeParent.nodeName().toStdWString() != L"root"){
    std::wstring tmpStrTmp;
    tmpStrTmp = L"<"
               + tmpNodeParent.nodeName().toStdWString()
               + L" nm=\""
               + tmpNodeParent.toElement().attribute(QS(_T("nm")), QS(_T("undef")) ).toStdWString()
               + L"> ";
    QString mex = "Error while reading vector.<br/><br/>Please check in:<br/><br/> " + tmpStrTmp ;@

    tmpStrTmp can be something like <vct nm="name"> <vcx nm="xyz">

    I tried in these ways to build the QMessageBox:

    First a simple:

    @ QMessageBox::critical(this, "Error", mex);@

    This shows half message without the content in tmpStrTmp like this:

    Error while reading vector.

    Please check in:

    I thought tmpStrTmp was the problem but if I put only tmpStrTmp in the QMessageBox, it shows its content. So, I thought it was a problem of space and I tried these two ways:

    QMessageBox msgBox;
    QSpacerItem* spacer = new QSpacerItem(500, 500, QSizePolicy::Minimum, QSizePolicy::Expanding);
    msgBox.setText( mex );
    QGridLayout* layout = (QGridLayout*)msgBox.layout();
    layout->addItem(spacer, layout->rowCount(), 0, 1, layout->columnCount());

    @ QMessageBox *box = new QMessageBox::QMessageBox(QMessageBox::critical, "Error", mex);

     QGridLayout *layout = qobject_cast<QGridLayout *>(box->layout(&#41;);
     if (layout) {
        QTextEdit *edit = new QTextEdit(mex);
        layout->addWidget(edit, 0, 1);
     delete box;@

    but without success...any help? thanks

  • Hi, what happens if you analyse your QString by

    qDebug() << tmpStrTmp;

    or show the QMessagBox with tmpStrTmp only?

  • yes, if I show only tmpStrTmp in the QMessageBox, it shows its content.

  • I overlooked that - so your problem is the size of your QMessageBox?
    Can you describe how it looks or post a picture?

  • By using this code

    @ QString mex = "Error while reading vector.<br/><br/>Please check in:<br/><br/> " + tmpStrTmp ;
    QMessageBox::critical(this, "Error", mex);@

    the QMessageBox looks like this:


    and with this code

    @ QString mex = tmpStrTmp ;
    QMessageBox::critical(this, "Error", mex);@

    the QMessageBox looks like this:


    Can you see the photos?

  • So I don't think that the problem is the size cause, the dialog adapt itself according to the content...

  • I can see the pictures and I think I understand your problem now and will try to simulate it here.

  • Hi,
    I made some tests with your messages and I think your problem has something to do with the special characters in your tmpStrTmp.

  • I thought it too, maybe because there are < and >? but why I can display tmpStrTmp without problem but with the rest of the message not? strange

  • You are right: it really sounds strange!
    I would do this: Change all special chars by a placeholder then rebuild the string by replacing the placeholders step by step with the specials.

  • you know? I solved the problem....< and > caused the problem, I replaced them with & lt; and & gt; and worked! I think because "mex" contains html tag (<br/>) and so it interpreted all like html....I don't know how to explain it with the right words, but I hope you understood. Thank you Clochydd, I really appreciate your help! Have a nice day? evening? bye

  • You are welcome, valeSimu!
    Please sign your thread as solved, by adding a prepending [SOLVED] to your first post.
    Have a nice day, too!

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