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Qt 4.8.4 Deployment Problem. Crashed Application in other computer.

  • Hello...

    I compiled and follow the instruction in qt documentation about deployment.
    I already used dependency walker to find all dll needed.
    I got these .dll in my app folder:


    I run the .exe and it's working the computer in which I used to compile the application. But when I moved to other computer and try to run it, it crashed.

    Later I found out that the graphic card of the computer I used to compile is different with the graphic card of the computer I used to test the application. They also have different version of opengl32.dll.
    Can this be the problem?

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi, about that crash, was it a blue screen or some error from the .exe file?

  • It was not a blue screen. It was an error. And the error indicate something with opengl. Here is a screenshot in one computer that I test "Screenshot":

    In other computer that have different graphic card, the error was "nvoglnt.dll". All error indicate the opengl.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

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