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[Solved] QtTools, QTDesigner and QTCreator

  • Does QTCreator include the former two components in one package?

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    [quote author="lucky7456969" date="1397445721"]Does QTCreator include the former two components in one package?

    Qt Creator is an IDE, and it contains Qt Designer.

    There is no component called "Qt Tools", however. When you download Qt, you get Qt Creator + Qt Designer, and a collection of other tools that make development easier (e.g. Qt Assistant, windeployqt). Which tools are you interested in?

  • Hello,
    I am interested in QtDesigner, but I'd like to use that in codeblocks.
    Can the following task be done like this:

    1. Open a C++ project
    2. Create a qrc file using QtDesigner in codeblocks
    3. Click on that file and go to QtDesigner and start drawing
    4. Compile the project as usual.

  • Hi,
    Designer is just a standalone program, so yes, if you setup your CodeBlocks properly, you can do so. However, your second point, using a qrc file is a bit wrong. A qrc file is a QtResource file, not a QtDesigner file. Designer files have the extension of .ui
    The designer form (ui file) needs to be converted to a class with header file and a linked ui_<<class name>>.h file. In this header file your designer file is made into a class definition.
    You need to call parts of the MOC/qmake compiler to do so. Sorry, forgotten who does the designer -> C++ conversion.

  • Thanks, Jeronetje for your valuable info.
    I'll find out the rest.

  • Oke,
    Good luck and enjoy coding!
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