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Running out of memory

  • I want to start off by saying I'm sorry if this was a previous post but I cannot find anything...

    I'm building a project that has a lot of different images that I'm using and I'm load the 40 or so PNGs into a qrc but when all of them are in there the program won't compile because its running out of memory. Each PNG is only about 1MB (give or take .5MB). I can compile the program with some in there but not all. Unfortunately all are need for my final.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to a fix for this issue?? I know my system has plenty of memory but maybe I need to allocate more for the project (if that's even possible to do). I failed to mention that this needs to be a stand alone application for my final so I cannot simply just call from my HDD.

  • Your problem is likely to be that a single qrc file with 40MB of binary data encoded as C code is too large for the compiler. Create several qrc files and add a few files to each, then add all the qrc files to the project.

    Embedding such a large amount of data in the executable is probably not a good idea. Have you considered simply storing it in the program directory?

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