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Can I show my project " coding " in the design mode ?

  • Hey ,

    I was wondering , if I didn't use the design mode from the start + didn't use the ui object , but I wanted to show my project in the design mode instead of debugging to see the result , can I do it ? how ?

  • Euh..............huh?? Not getting the question.
    So, what you want is to show your 'Gui design' setup in code in the designer page? Is that correct?
    If that is the question, nup, you can't. The ui files are generated so QtDesigner can work with it. The from there ui_xx.h files are generated together with standard code in the classes.
    This process is not reversed ;-)

  • Not sure what is " in code in the designer page " but I think you understood what I meant , for example If I wrote a code , and then basically if I wanted to check it out I must debug it to see the result , that's why I wanted to know if I can show in the designer page , so instead of debugging everytime , I can just see it there.

  • the widget designer can only display *.ui files in XML format, so is has nothing to do with c++. So I guess you can't simply display your c++ layout without starting the application if you mean that?

  • Oh :( , Thanks guys ^^

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