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Double clicking tab to rename and set window title to new name

  • Hey everyone,

    I am working on a program where I have a class MainWindow that is derived from QMainWindow. In that class, I initialize mTabWidget = new QTabWidget, then I set this as my central widget (setCentralWidget(mTabWidget). Then to add a tab I use mTabWidget->addTab(scrollArea, fileName), where scrollArea is a QScrollArea pointer and fileName is a QString. Then I set the title of the main window using setWindowTitle(fileName).

    Now my goal is to be able to double click on a tab to rename it. I've read that I need to subclass the QTabBar class as well as the QTabWidget to do this. I have this working, but can anyone give me an example on how they would do this or an alternate idea.

    The second part of my problem is that when I double click the tab to rename, I can get it to rename the tab but not set the window title to the new tab name. In my subclass I used the setWindowTitle() method again, but it does nothing.

    I am stumped on this issue and any help would be extremely appreciated.


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